Design Document

Content Licensing

  • License Source under GPL or variant (LGPL)
    • Leverage Open Source Technologies
      • Examples
        • Moodle
        • Blender
        • Crystal Space 3d & CEL
        • Bullet
        • Linked Web Site
        • Hot-Boot? Linux Distribution? To be able to do the following:
          • Set up proctored exams with 1 server disc and N client disks.
          • Quickly get a class of students into a secure virtual environment.
      • Using pre-established open source software will reduce implementation time.
  • Other content distributed as Free Cultural Works.
    • Need to be able to reuse art assets in derivative works.

Desired Functionality

  • Create and edit question banks

    • Use OpenOffice? for editing (math expression support) Or HTML-based
    • Customize whole courses
    • Ability to link to a set of learning objectives to online grade-book
      • Tools for statistical analysis (note: R could produce math expr. also)
  • Select from Various Game-Modes?
    • Choose the course content
      • Sets question banks to progress appropriate material
      • Supplies game with questions of skill relative difficulty
    • Configure Game Options
      • Minimum / Maximum time to answer
        • Provide option to time scale certain users
      • Learning objectives each question corresponds to
      • Success rate needed to progress
      • Minimum number of questions to progress
    • Choose a game theme
      • RPG
        • Collect XP to demonstrate competency
      • Exploration
        • Solve riddles to get through a maze
      • Tactical Strategy
        • Fight off waves of enemies by answering questions by moving troops on a grid
      • Learning Objective Specific Themes
        • Games that are domain specific by nature.
        • i.e. Tangrams for geometry students
  • Offer traditional distance learning tools
    • Lecture Mode
      • Watch videos of real professors in action, followed-up with a virtual pop-quiz
    • Animations
      • i.e. PowerPoint? presentations
    • HTML Text
    • Exam
      • Standardized test mode
    • Diagnostic assessment
      • Try to place students in the most appropriate course
        • Show specific learning objective detail
      • Monitor Student progress
      • Adaptive Assessment
        • Use statistical methods to optimize line of questioning


Develop an interface for writing game modules

This will likely take the form of a Java class prototype that can be invoked by an applet to run the game in a web browser. The idea is that this interface will be easily extendible so that other developers can create their own game modules using the same framework.

  • Game Module Interface?
  • Game Engine 2D?
  • Game Engine 3D?
  • Multiplayer Framework?

Integrate into distance learning framework

This will likely take the form of a module for Moodle that takes a question bank and provides that information to the game. The idea is that by providing the game interface through a Moodle module, educators will be able to use existing question sets for the game as well as incorporate results into Moodle's grade book.

Part of the scope of this project entails expanding Moodle's functionality via plugins to accomplish the following goals:
  • provide a framework for dynamic interactive learning activities, particularly the CGP game engine
  • functionality to link questions to one or more course outcomes and report student progress on outcomes as a function of their success or failure on those questions in activities
    • Sub-outcomes would also be helpful in formulating an overall measure
  • DynamicQuestionGeneration
    • Particularly for mathematics use, this will provide the necessary question diversity to avoid repetition. It would be interesting to consider an algorithm for producing word problems also.
    • This system should closely interface with the outcome framework

Develop tools for analyzing effectiveness

In order to assess the effectiveness of games as an instructional tool, it will be necessary to:

  • formulate experimental and control groups
  • evaluate student performance before and after instruction
  • determine if between-groups differences are statistically significant.

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